Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Bella Doberman is up for adoption. The wonderful family found her on the street last summer, skin and bones and with a terrible skin condition. Even though they have an old lady Doberman at home who doesn't like other Dobermans they didn't hesitate to rescue her.
Bella is over one year old a fast learner, but still very young in her mind. Her body coat is healed beautiful and she gained weight, we picked her up today after being sterilized. She was out for a walk today with another Bella on the picture and she was very good.

She behaved very well at the clinic, and Dr Gigi calm and nice did a good job. Bella got a nice bikini scar! Maura the mom in the family is having a hard time letting Bella go and want to stay in touch with the new adopting person (and also help out if needed)
Bella is having a problem being around young children, she doesn't understand their energies. But there is so much love in this dog, great in car, knows to sit and wait.....she is waiting for you.
She has to be an inside and outdoor dog....a family dog with rules and love. In that order.

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