Friday, March 5, 2010


This lady you have read about in several of my blogs. She is AWL volunteer, works for all animals, and have become a dear friend. This lady has a big animal heart, and she is out every day rescuing and feeding and assiting AWL. She is stubborn --- positive stubborn --- and won't let anything go away. I loved it once when she said; "I am allowed to complain, I am at least doing something" She is so right!

We had all heard about expired dog food that was thown away, and we nearly cried. We were so horrified that strays and shelter dogs were starving and here we threw away still good food. Jackie got a phone number to a person on base, it took her several weeks (different reasons, away on working trips, etc) until she got hold of him. No he wasn't the one to talk to. Frustrated she did research and stubbornly on the phone, she worked a fantastic cause. The payoff: The other day, we got an email that AWL could come and get 3 pallets of dog food!
Anna is another warm hearted animal friend that also does alot for the animals here. Wonderful Anna sent us the email about the dog food, and she alsways talks so warmly about AWL. That's Amore, Anna.
I could nearly not see out from my SUV --- it's full great food.

Tears in my eyes when the truck rolled bag after bag of dog food. I cannot wait to deliver this to the shelters. And to the strays roaming around on the streets.

My SUV was nearly landing on its butt with all the heavy bags! But what a thrill, my heart was pounding, and I couldn't stop kissing Anna on her cheeks (She wanted to go and have lunch.)

Jackie, what an animal trooper you are, Anna thanks for helping us so much, and to the people behind the scene...I know who you are and AWL's Amore to you are enormous. THANK YOU

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