Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Oscar has long been fed by an English Lady (Lynn) out on the busy streets. Recently, she contacted me asking if we could help him to have his eyes checked because they didn't look well. I picked Oscar up, lovely little guy, 10 years old and so great in the car, and lovely in the clinic. The eye specialist Dr Alexandria, is working up in Rome but I got an appointment with her at Dr Damiani's office. For one hour a very thorough examination was conducted. I admire these strays, they are so lovely, calm and gentle.

He got a check up, he was already castrated. But what a guy, we were three persons picking on him and he didn't do a thing. He was put on a muzzle only when his ears were being checked, he were very sensitive about his ears and instruments had to go in and remove "glued hair." So the muzzle was if he would defend himself, you never know, and must be careful. But Oscar....was great.

He has cataracts on both eyes but one is worse and he will become blind on that eye in a couple of months, without expensive treatment.

How I wish we had the hospice/clinic now, that would be a perfect place for Oscar to retire from the street. A blind stray won't survive a busy street, or find food.

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