Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A lot of drama and working not with our own veterinarian --- we finally got the dogs to our AWL veterinarian and to our next surprise none of them were castrated! An appointment was made right away.

Thanks to our great helpers Pio and Martina, the dogs are now at LegaProAnimale

I am very frustrated, because of the veterinarian that was out at the shelter giving them the rabies injections and blood tests we had asked for. But when we tried to get the results, asking several times via email, we never got a good answer. Phillipo's injection was made last November as we thought, or Scooby's two months ago. Phillipo got his little book but we are still sending the veterinarian emails that we want his full documentation.

Even more frustrated is Phillipo's new owner in Sweden, who had hoped to have him home in June. Now she will have to wait longer. That is really sad... both for her, and for Phillipo.

We are trying our best to rescue dogs and we were using the veterinarian that the shelter used (since it is not our territory, we didn't feel we could demand to use our normal vets, but now you can bet that I am demanding) to help getting animals out. The shelter's perferred vet was supposed to be doing the medical things required to adopt the dogs out of country. Saddly, this hasn't happened, and we have wasted a bunch of time. Sometimes I do really wonder what is going on in their mind! For people that should be looking out for the animal's best interests, either because that is their job or their stated passion... but seem to be doing just the opposite. For the ones that it is their job... don't they understand they will loose business this way?

Lately many people have been very rude, dumped their dog(s) and made our work that much harder. I may not write everything on the blog, but believe me I do it in my up-coming book. (and/or column in the magazine). That's not a threat, its a promise....you don't do that towards animals and then claiming you are an animal friend. Not good Karma!

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