Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our first picture, from when AWL first saw Bonita (nee Linda) at the shelter, before getting so sick, and having surgeries.

A recent picture of Bonita, when she went to her great foster family, after being removed from the shelter and the clinic where she stayed too long.

Two different times (immediately above and below) you can see it on the colors of the leashes. To and from our veterinarians, Dr Damiani & Dr Loungo
We received wonderful news about Bonita's health and we couldn't be more happy--I guess Bonita and her new family in Sweden are the happiest that can be right now.

The biopsi and blood tests showed no diseases "only" inflammation in the wounds--and that we knew have been treating with antibiotic pills. The wounds have healed in a heartbeat, since we do not mess with the wounds, use antibiotic and a keep close eye on the wounds so they can heal in short time.

When you scratch and pick on the wounds, or live in an unclean, unhealty environment, or even put too much creme on the wounds, it can also delay or stop the healing entirely. So, we ensure she is now in a safe and clean environment, and we keep an eye on the progress, to make sure she is healing properly. Everyone is different, of course, so minor adjustments to the treatment or enviornment could always be needed.

Bonita is eating very well and putting on some weight. She had very little muscles so foster-parent David is taking her on nice long walks. Let me quoet what the foster family is writing to me:
One of her favorite things - I like to sit out in front of our house and she comes and sits beside me (or David) and puts her head on your lap. She LOVES to have her head rubbed just sitting with her person there and touching. This dog has had some very good training and attention in the past - it just got lost somewhere in here. It has been a very fortunate week for us to have her because David has been home and off of work. He enjoys long walks and so the two of them have gone off down the road on multi-hour walks. She is so well trained. She walks along, she waits outside stores (on the leash) when he goes in and so forth... this morning I heard the first bark from her - not a loud one - it just seems to me that she if finally getting a bit more comfortable perhaps. I cannot tell you how well mannered she is. We have not let her loose with other dogs, but twice (! - for some unknown reason) wild dogs have run out and bit at her when David was out walking. David said she is so meek, she cowers back into her person's legs. Also, all our neighbors have been over petting her. Even a little 18-month old boy and she has always been so kind and quiet. She is absolutely quaranteed with people in my opinion.
Her biopsy and our veterinarian's expertice tells us that likely she's been so thin and laying on the wet concrete is what gave her the pressure wounds all over the body (second picture on this page). When we found her at the clinic, the wounds were tripple as big and many as on the picture. AWL is doing everything we can for Bonita.

Interesting also is that everytime we asked about her age, we got different information. First time she was 4, then 5-6 and now she is 9 years old. Her wonderful family waiting for her in Sweden tells us that doesn't concern them at all.

Amore to all you who are making Bonita's life sunny after a long time of rain.

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