Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Olivia is a good helper, she had to hold Bonita in Dr Damianis waiting room while I and Capri were inside getting checked by Dr Damiani. Capri was scared constantly trying to escape. Bonita is a lady that is so cool. Two veterinarians were examine her, blood work was made and she got her rabies shot. And she didn't move a wrinkle.

Pio together with Max and Olivia we drove out to LegaPro to pick up the four females that got serialized three days ago. They were happy to see us and my heart sank closer we got to the shelter. I always feel so bad putting them back in there.

One of the females, Stella so sweet and gentle. They are so well behaved.

Three females in the back and Olivia wanted one dog to hold. She is such a helper. The dogs were very quiet and sweet, they are so patient in general. I can see more and more how we humans can make a dogs mind weak.

And what we don't like to see we want to take away...but this is reality so please support us in spay and neutering campaigns. There are 20 puppies in the shelter right now. We had their moms spayed! But four mothers =24 puppies

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