Saturday, October 31, 2009


On our way home from trick-or-treating with the children, we went through MacDonalds Drive-thru, I hadn't been eating since breakfast. At the pick up window, these two wonderful, beautiful strays were laying. He is a male and picture below, it's a she.

We ordered hamburgers for them, after we first asked the worker if it was ok? She told me it was ok, as long as I took the food a little bit away from the window to feed them... no problems at all.

Playful, friendly --- I just wanted to scoop them into my SUV. They are so fantastic I could spend my whole evening with them.

Warm and nice hamburgers!

On our way out there were more strays, but these were young and scared and hungry. They had broken chains around their necks. The other one--not in picture--had a broken front leg. I could not lay my hands on them, they were so broke my heart.
I had a bag of Frolic in my SUV that I spread out for them, before walking backwards into the car. It's a tough life.... and tougher if you have nobody looking out for you!

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