Sunday, October 4, 2009


The 23d of October 1999 on a cold floor in my hotel --Sofia, Bulgaria-- was when I for the first time attended a Spay and Neuter Conference That late evening with tears in my eyes and ache in my heart, Animals Without Limits was born. There were many speakers from all over the world, and guess what? At that conference I met Dr. Dorothea Friz from LegaProAnimale which we for the last year use to get the strays spayed.

AWL is having 10 years anniversary, I never could have imagine that my "small" thought 10 years ago would become this big today. Many tears and laughs on the trail.

Thank you all for helping AWL grow and become better--Thank you Bosse Lindberg for giving our loggo a facelift.


Ulla said...

Happy Anniversary AWL!!! :-)

You have really made a great work for this 10 years and many animals have got a better life thanks to you.

May you be able to continue as long as the animals needs. And I think it's gone be a long, long time...


Snygg logo Bosse!

Anonymous said...

wow, happy anniversary! you have accomplished so much and saved so many lives. i really am honored to be a part of it all, hopefully for a long time to come. Mia, you are an inspiration. :) xoxo