Monday, October 12, 2009


On my way home I saw this beautiful dog, trying to find food for the day. She is very old and is having a problem standing on her legs. Tired and the hectic traffic is passing very close. Every day is a struggle.

She is not in pain, she is tired and alone.

I stopped to give her food and she was a little timid. My husband stopped today and she was more allowing him to be close to her, but still very tired.

I remember Lupa, the very old German Shepard that we rescued from a horrible shelter, and gave her a warm bed and food. She slept for nearly two weeks. She had a short time with us (and we with her), but it was incredible to see the life in her eyes, after resting. She got a peaceful end when she wanted to go.

Everyone should have a peaceful end.

Here are so many old strays that are struggling, and the law says you are not allowed to put a healthy dog to sleep. Even some people are leaving their old pets on the highway.
AWL is working on a project with a hospice/rehab clinic, together with veterinarian's to rescue old strays and to let them have a good amore ending.

Please join us in our project!

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