Monday, October 12, 2009


This is Bella II, a former abandoned Doberman that was more or less like a skeleton when found/rescued. This beautiful family brought her in even if they have another older Doberman that they have had since he was a puppy. Bella II is a wonderful spirit but has probably "just" been used to get a litter ---m a puppy mill slave. She had some kind of skin problem and we think the "breeder" dumped her when she could not provide more healthy puppies.

She is around one-year-old but in her mind she is one month old. A lot of energy and sending and receiving the wrong messages. Maura, the guardian angel is feeding, and has been putting down a lot of money at the veterinarian. She will foster Bella II until a perfect family is found. AWL will step in and have her sterilized, and we will work together with Maura on Bella II's behavior. Together, we'll teach her to read the world's language, other people, children and animals. We are also hiring Nicole who is excellent in training dogs, to provide some structured obedience training and help Bella II "mature".

I got so moved by Maura's words when she told me that when they find a family for Bella II, she will walk her over a little time by time to get her used to her new family and not feel abandoned again. This Maura has her heart and head in the right place!

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