Saturday, October 3, 2009


AWL went today out to Rossella Shelter; clean dogs, clean cages and kiss and hug them.
The puppy group got a lot of Amore from our great volunteers, Olivia and Jackie. Thanks Jackie for bringing towels and treats. As always, your heart is big.
Our Lupetta that had two of her back legs broken--been in the shelter for 3 years --is making progress. Thanks to my fantastic warm hearted volunteer Lindy. Lindy is re-habing Lupetta with; taking her out asap, gives her water and great treats, gives her a bath and massage, and working with her back legs. Today, Lupetta was outside for her first time in 3 years! (I am on the inside Shelter taking the picture)

Here I am holding Lupetta. Your donations are helping AWL rescue dogs, thank you everyone.

From Sweden, in my baggage back to Italy, I had great donations package from Malaro Farskfoder
Bags of dried goodies (pig ears, lamb tummy, pigtails, tasty crackers salmon etc) Great shampoo that are helping and soothing skin problems. Thank you Tina, you made so many dogs happy. They got something tasty and wonderful to nibble on, making time go faster in their cages. We were so touched to watch them.
This was another Amore Bitter Sweet Day
Thank you every one, you were as always a good great hard working Animal Friend!
Keegan, Kristin, Lindy, Charity, Eric, Ethan, Rebeca, Ben, Jackie, Olivia, Todd, Blanca with friend, Rossella and her two Italian volunteers, and Mia.
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