Monday, October 26, 2009


We named her Lucy!

She was tied up at a dark cold, gas station, abandoned by a person that she thought was her best friend. She still has her little pink collar on. She is not one year old yet and my gut tells me the person that dumped her is International. Tomorrow hopefully I will know if I am right or not.

She is so sweet and craving for attention. Jackie brought her a ball and she started to play with it immediately. We had to put Lucy in the very cleaned out kennel/cage were Benjamin had been staying. But this is crazy. She is not even a stray, she was dumped by her own owner!

Please I truly need your help. Adoption, Foster home if not, please help with donations since now the owners are dumping their pets on AWL --- I don't know what to do. This is so selfish and cruel! It is true: a person's true colors are shown in how he treats his pet!

Please help me turn this around, to show that there are carrying responsible owners, and animal lovers.

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