Thursday, October 29, 2009


Paolo Ricci wrote; "Let me explain briefly how this is done, how the mind of a owner of a kennel camp operates.

Let’s get into his mind set. This is what he would suggest to you if you want to create a kennel camp. First you must - preferably -. choose a territory where the law is a joke. The South is perfect.

The area of Benevento, Campobasso, Caserta, Irpinia, the region of Molise, Sicily, Basilicata and Calabria are ideal for the job. Choose an area of intense animal abandonment. Campania is perfect (read the book of Saviano or rent the CD of Matteo Garrone “Gomorrah” from your local video shop and you will understand what I am talking about) Make sure that you have solid political contacts, right or centre or left it’s totally unimportant Be a great friend of the parish priests. Give generously to the local churches.
Make sure you have a statue of Padre Pio in your house. Avoid the one of Francis of Assisi like the plague. He loved animals. He is not adequate.
Once the contacts are solid, try to appear like a benefactor: like Marlon Brando in the “Godfather”. Then build a kennel in a desolate distant place. Make sure that is in an impervious area. Make sure that the kennel, like many in Calabria, have high walls.
Silence and privacy are absolutely paramount. Like the Nazi camps, visibility must not be permitted at all. You don’t want animal people to interfere with your work. It is fatal. They break your balls. They are mad and sick. When the kennel is constructed, employ preferably foreign workers that you can keep silent. If the workers talk it’s big trouble. If they talk send them away - back to their country.
When the kennel is ready, make a deal with the town councils of the area (in the case of the infamous kennel of Cicerale, close to the temples of Paestum, 97 towns councils are involved with the operation). Use your smart way. Oil the machine. Give decent backhanders. Make sure the local politicians are on your side. Make solid deals. Choose the stronger political party but be open towards the opposition. Make sure that you have good relations with the local judges. Establish contacts with the internationals multinationals of the vivisection; you can sell strays to the Mengeles of the animal world. It’s very easy.
Now go collecting dogs. The more dogs you collect the more money you make. Each dog you catch is worth 50 euro plus a monthly or a yearly amount established with the local town council. Be smart: dog catching, plus dog maintenance, plus dog death with consequent incineration equal a lot of euros. It follows a fluent rhythm.

More dogs, dead or alive, more green dollars. "

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