Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our AWL Handy Mandies --Eric & Darren--did fantastic work today, they built a washing platform so we don't have to stay in the muddy mess cleaning the dogs in the future. Great work!
AWL --Keegan--Lindy--Mia--could today de-worm 60 dogs. We rolled Swedish meatballs that went down in a heartbeat. Thanks to all your donations we can keep many dogs healthy, and life will become easier for them.

Our great AWL Jackie was put in the puppy section. A mother was abandoned with a lot of puppies. Jackie made sure everything was clean and made their beds warm and nice with fluffy blankets. First mommy dog wanted to bite Jackie, but Jackie knows with some ground beef she had the Mommy's heart and trust. Great work Jackie.

We hope we can give these sweeties a good start in life, to become strong and healthy.

The last 10 bags of dog food was carried in--the donation from the nice lady Mitra up in Rome. 220 kg many stomachs to fill. Thank you Mitra.
I saw that AWL Lindy came with a bag of dog food, thank you Lindy for today, you are great.
Thank you all for a fantastic day, building, cleaning, walking and medicating.
Keegan, Eric, Darren, Jackie, Lindy, Ulla, Mia

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