Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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Dear Friends of Animals Without Limits,
Our Dear Friends Malte and Sabine, took a great deal of time and effort to enter Animals Without Limits into an annual contest in Germany for organizations working to assist Animals. We were very thankful and flattered that they did so.
Guess what?! Animals Without Limits is among the 13 finalists for the 2009 prize. We have just one more hurdle to clear!
For one week from 24 November, people can go to the website http://www.blogger.com/www.tasso.net and vote for the organization most worthy of winning the 2009 "Golden Paw".
Its in German, but look for "Goldene Pfote 2009", then vote for Animals Without Limits. The judges will take the voting into consideration in their final decision, but it is not the only thing they will look at.
Animals Without Limits requests everyone go to the website and vote during the week after 24 NOV. Pass this to all your friends and relatives, as well... lets get a vote that goes viral!
Your efforts to do this will help us to win. We can only imagine the competition is stiff, but we think we have a worthy goal. Along with the Golden Paw trophy, the winner will receive 5000 Euros. This money would go a long way to establishing AWL's number one priority in Campania: a Hospice for sick, injured and elderly strays that is a safe and loving place for them to recuperate or live out their final days in dignity.
Please, pass this around to family, friends, coworkers and strangers. Lets get as many to vote for Animals Without Limits during the week of 24-29 November as possible.

Its during the Thanksgiving Holidays for Americans, so mark your calendar and don't forget amongst all the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie!
For the Animals,

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