Saturday, December 12, 2009


This rescue dog is one of my favorites at the shelter, and he is 10 years-old. I named him square pants since he looks very rectangular. He is having problem walking since he has arthritis. Every day and night he lays on cold wet concrete. I want to rescue him from that shelter.
With 17 dogs in my house I have no possibility to bring him home. Its a shame since he wont take much room, and ask for much. He want a warm floor and some painkillers.
We wish we had our hospice and we would look after him until his time would be over here. We want to give him pleasure and peace.
It was sweet to see him today laying in the sun. But the shelter is in a hurry to clean all the cages so the dogs get 5 minutes off freedom each day.

Please help us by donating to SquarePants future!

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