Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Mitra sent me an e mail telling me she wanted to visit me with a present.

And oh my dear it was a fantastic, heartwarming gift for AWL to drive out to Rossella Shelter with it. I was speechless.

This woman is full of life, guts and heart. AWL is so grateful for what she did together with her boyfriend. They drove down from Rome with 210 kg (500lbs) dog food, boxes of dog treats, many bottles of shampoo, cleaning detergent, sponges --- lots of things we always need on our cleaning missions. It was amazing!
The whole day had rained and all our dogs were so happy to see them, they could sense true animal friends with pockets full of treats. Mitra had even baked a Swedish (my favorite) kladd kaka--moist chocolate cake.

A very sensitive woman who stayed for one hour, they carried all the things down to our basement and then thanked me, for what we are doing! Holly Molly what a person--AWL thanks you so much for your fantastic self-generated contribution to help us make it happen. We love you!

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