Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is Lupetta!

She became one of our favorites quickly, happy and gentle and with an auroa full of light. She had been in this out door kennel for three years, on a conrete floor together with three other dogs. No one adopted her!

She couldn't walk very well with her back legs old recovery from broken legs in the past.

She had a hard time getting quickly to her food and the little time they were allowed to get out she couldn't move fast. Lindy our volunteer found her in the dog house, carried her out. Lindy brushed off a bag full of hair we don't know when she had been brushed before.

Lupetta loved it, never had anyone touched and loved her that much. She loved every second Saturday when we came out to clean the shelter. We always hurried to her cage.

Lindy bathed her, took her out so she could start exercing her legs, and to our joy she started to use her back legs more and more. We tried to find a foster home but many said no, afraid of getting attached to her. One day Sweden told me after following Lupetta on the blog "We will adopt her" And Lindy said, "I can take her for the 5 months before the papers are done for her to go to Sweden."
One Saturday we noticed her energy was weak. Next time we came to finally pick her up she wasn't there. We hurried to Rossella and she told us Lupetta was being treated at the vet clinic. After 10 days I asked how she was doing, "she was doing better"

The family in Sweden couldn't wait until she could come to them. They were talking about getting her a wagon on wheels and a card to go with her to the aqua swiming therapy for dogs.

At Halloween I got a call, Lupetta was worse she needed blood transfusion and they needed my authority to do so. I called my translator who called the veterinarian and then me and then back again, it was emergency. I cried, she was so close to freedom, and we were so many loving her.

Last Saturday I went to see her (pics above) and she could walk, it was amazing. Still she needed care 24 h/day but maybe the following Saturday (14th) we could bring her to Lindy.

I was happy! Lupetta was weak, but her tail wagged and I got a small kiss, I left her whispering that I would soon come back and bring her out to the freedom she deserved. "You hang in there girl, promise me."

Yesterday I got the phone call that made my heart go all to pieces. Lupetta had become worse and wouldn't make it. She had to be euthanized, she was suffering. They needed my authority!

When you get that kind of call that means they have done everything....

I cried the whole day yesterday, even if my head understood that at least she didn't have to die in a cold, outdoor shelter --- but you tell that to my heart.

Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel...you know, Lupetta meant the world for me. We could have saved her!

Today the "towel is back in" This is why I need your help with donations, contacts to be able to open up an AWL Hospice. So no one has to say "no" again, being afraid of getting attached to the dog in need. And so no beautiful souls have to die because we couldn't get them out in time.

Lupetta got her freedom but we got our heartache. I got a beautiful email from Doctor Mariagrazia, "Lupetta sadly left us at 14:10 yesterday, in our arms . She thanks everyone for our love." (Mio malgrado devo darle una brutta notizia. Alle ore 14.10 Lupetta ci ha lasciato tra le carezze della collega Paola Corcione, Angela, una volontaria, e le mie. Ringraziando lei e la Sig.re Mia per l'amore dimostrato a Lupetta)

Now, we really need a hospice. Please donate in Lupetta's memory. Don't let Lupetta's death mean nothing to us, let her memory and spirit live on in our hearts and through other strays that can be treated in her name.

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