Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 When I saw his picture I knew it!!! I knew he would be the most perfect dog for someone. I could tell he was intelligent, funny, loving and loyal. And yes many people wanted him. Picky I am all the candidates had to go through fifty questions, then a meeting with more questions.
 I went down and picked him up after one month foster home with Chiara. It is wonderful to have dogs that are up for adoptions in foster-homes. I could get a clearer picture of him together with people and other dogs.
 13 hours drive up to Germany and he was fantastic. He sat in my lap the whole way up. Then he slept in my home with 16 other dogs and nothing bad happen to anyone.
The next day he got to met his new family! They had a new collar with them, treats and a toy. They all loved each other at the first moment. I get pictures and updates from the family and Boy is being pampered more and more for every day that goes by. That's Amore.

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