Saturday, October 20, 2012


 Since we left Napoli and came up to Germany George started to limp more and didn't look happy in his eyes. One morning I saw some blood in his urine. George and I went to Veterinarian Martina, a great warm very skilled vet and I was amazed that they also treat their clients with homeopathic items and acupuncture.
 The examination showed that something inside George was painful and hurting. I also wanted an x-ray on his old injury, he had been hit by a car very badly. He was found by Pat Funk in a garbage pile looking like a skeleton, infested with ticks and full of worms. The family Funk fostered him for a couple of months and now Mia with family brought him up to Stuttgart. He was soon going to go to his new family but before that we needed to figure out what is wrong.
 X-rays, since I want the family to know what kind of old injuries George had. And frankly, my curiosity was enormous too. The staff at the clinic was amazing, kind and very thoughtful towards George, and Mia with her camera.
 His spine is very nice, but as you can see his legs bone was broken in two, and healed very badly on its own. Too old of a wound to do anything with now.
 Look at his right leg and left leg, you can see the bad broken leg. Also the broken spots on the pelvis which are healing.
 Well Dr. Maritna is very good, if we don't find anything on the x-ray we will search with the ultra sound. And Mia was happy since she wants all the facts on the "table" winning time. His prostate is great but something may be wrong with the bladder. We had a urine test made and there was a lot of bacteria.  Monday we are going back to make another examination.
George was a super boy. You can see on his back leg that he is not laying ok. Todd (Mia's husband) is madly in love with George and Dr Martina also said "He is a good boy!"

He is a big Amore guy, who loves his warm blankets and food. He is more an inside boy than outside. 


Valerie said...

Thank you so so much for taking such great care of George! Poor guy does have that nasty old break :(... we are keeping our paws crossed for him that he will be feeling better soon and who couldn't love that sweet boy, he will cover you with kisses every chance he gets!!!

Unknown said...

Aww. Poor George. Hoping for his fast recovery. It's so sad that he has a nasty break. I'm sure he'll be back on his paws in no time.
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Mother in Action said...

Thank you. We will keep you updated Thats Amore!