Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 You could read earlier about George on the blog--only a couple of days ago. He is already improving and he doesn't growl anymore--only with his bones! We went back to Tierklinik Dr Martina and George had to have a full urine bladder, a urine test had to be done. From before just laying growling in the back, George jumped around in the car, and was totally different.
 He even played! My heart was full with love and happiness. Muzzle him went super, no growling. And laying on his back while ultra sound and a needle pushed via his lower stomach, not a sound.
We could see that he had a lot of stones in his urine bladder, and that is painful. Waiting for the right antibiotic.

 Gabi was found Easter time down in Italy with demodex and has been treated since then. Time for a second test. Gabi is the happiest, sweetest dog I ever met and also the most slippery dog ever.
I can sit in an animal waiting room the whole day and take pictures. I just love all these shapes, faces and stories. That's Amore!

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