Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 My lovely Ariel is finally here with us in Germany. How I missed her, even if I knew she had a good time down in Italy. 
I adopted Ariel several years ago from a horrible shelter were it was so dirty and nasty,  that you had to hold your nose when you were near it. You had to close your eyes not to see all the pain, too. You had to cover your ears not to hear all 40+ dogs barking. 

Ariel had been in four different shelters and her front leg had been broken in four places and self healed wrong. She can walk, but very poorly.
 Ariel had to stay at our hospice in Italy for a little while during to our move up North, but last week I could drive down and bring her up. She is a 12 year old wonderful lady with some back problems due to her previously broken leg. As she hobbles, she puts stress on her other joints in ways they were never meant to be... and consequently, she now has problems in her front shoulders and back hips.  But with x-rays and medicine, we are keeping a very close eye on that.
 Dr Damiani made an examination, x-ray and we also had her pet passport made. (You can see how her right front leg is set at a radically wrong angle.)
Thank you all who looked after my Ariel. Martina and Pio for picking her up, and all the lovely volunteers for loving up on her. Valerie drove her to the groomer and have also been her nail trimmer. You all make a difference and with love for those whom loves you back. That's Amore.

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