Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mia the Puppy, is one of the toughest great high speed spirit I have ever met. 
I got an e mail from Lynn who had rescued nine puppies, together with another lady named Julia. Out from the bushes came an older puppy (Mia) and the ladies didn't have the heart to leave Mia alone back in the bushes. Mia was 2 months older than the others (6 weeks) and wanted to play and harass them the whole time. Not so very fun for the other small puppies who wondered who this big mean thing was.
I sponsored Mia's vaccinations and thanks to a wonderful misunderstanding between me an Martina & Pio they picked her up at Dr Damiani's clinic. Martina and Pio would foster her in their home with five other big wonderful dogs. Mia was in heaven. Now she kept harassing and wrestling all the big dogs down to the ground. She growled when they looked at her food. She was (is) a tough cookie.
 I had found a warm loving family in Germany that wanted to adopt her and we couldn't wait to bring Mia up to them. When we met Mia nothing was untrue to her personality that we had been told earlier. We got our hands full. She lived together with us at the hotel Agora, ate breakfast with us, went with us to the hospice, even to met Gus in the kennel. She became well-trained. (And no accidents in the hotel)

One of the big dogs nipped Mia's ear. To Dr Damiani again for stitches.

Minna my animal friend from Sweden got to puppy-sit Mia. We still laugh about how wild Mia was (is).

But finally we got back to South Germany and could introduce Mia to her new family. And girl, she is getting spoiled every day with love and affections.

Thank you all involved in Mia's life. So many people we were to rescue  puppy Mia, but at the end, we all think the same. We would do it again. That's Amore.

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