Tuesday, July 10, 2012


AWL FRIEND AWARD 2012 There are so many wonderful animal workers out there working hard and we wished we could give one AWL Award each to everyone.

--Still there are persons that will be nominated, 2012 is not over--

AWL Animal Friend Award 2012
Is presented to Minna Lind.

In sincere gratitude for her international efforts, finding fantastic forever homes for homeless and rescued dogs and cats.

Our comments:

Minna, we are so happy to have you as an associate, and more importantly a friend. Your dedication and determined efforts to help the homeless and at-risk dogs and cats, and the personal sacrifice and expense you undertake to
follow your heart is truly inspiring.
You are a humble person who seeks to do
what you do in the shadows, leaving the spotlight to others, yet we cannot help but recognize you, both because you deserve it, and because it can serve
as an example to others of what one person can do to make a difference.
That's Amore ! —

The price is sponsored by the Mercer Family

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