Thursday, July 5, 2012


These trips are getting more complex!

Minna, my animal rescue friend, took the plane from Sweden down to Stuttgart where I then picked her up. She stayed in my house overnight, and we packed the whole RESCUE VAN full of donations from wonderful people.

Some weeks before, Elisabet and her husband drove down from middle Germany with a lot of donations that we later filled our SUV and RESCUE VAN with.

In the window we put a picture of Vinnie to bless us the whole way down. And he did! Scary things happened that got solved fantastically. Minna and I could not believe it!

The next morning we packed in my children and Minna jumped in the VAN ... which was totally dead. Thank God we were not helpless women! We opened the hood and put the jumper cables on the terminals and got it started, in the rain we got wet and dirty but satisfied.

The trip started and we drove through Switzerland, and there it was a big stop from the Swiss Customs police, questions about paper work and where were our car plates? They got tired of my blonde talk; "I don't know, we only help animals".  Via Italy, the Customs again stopped us, "Where are all the papers? "

Again me out with the children, super blonde with flyers about AWL's work.  The Customs official kissed the children and said "Bless your work."

We got down to Napoli, tired but proud "The Vinnie Klebers Rescue Van" was finally down were it could do a lot of work.

We left it to our mechanic Antonio to change the electric appliance in the windows and some oil changes and other small things. Finally AWL has its first RESCUE VAN!

Thank you Minna for sponsoring the gas for Stuttgart--Napoli and helping to drive the van 13 hours down to Napoli.

Thank you Todd for the mechanic parts and Van work at Antonios.

Thank you Elisabeth and husband Kruse for driving all the donations down that the wonderful, helpful people in Germany have donated.

 This letter is from Ulla Linders in Sweden, we love your packages!

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