Sunday, July 22, 2012


A Long time ago, actually it was one of our first rescue moments AWL went to one of the worst shelters I have ever seen. We posted this picture CLICK HERE and one couple in Sweden saw him. From Sweden down to Italy they drove 23 h non stop to pick him up, and returned two days later.

It was two years since I saw Giove so on my recent trip  to Sweden I had to see him and his family. It was a fantastic moment. He was full of energy and kisses. He means a lot to me, my Giove boy.

I remember two different veterinarians who said he could be very dangerous and that we should consider twice before adopting him away. They saw the Pit bull in him.  Never has he growled, or done anything harmful or scary, only loving people and other animals.

I don't dear to think what could have happened if Erica hadn't seen his picture on our blog, and believed in Giove.

This is a true Amore story!

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