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Column in the Swedish Magazine NARA, by Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Either man or dog wants to be abandoned by someone they love.

Animal rescuer and animal communicator Mia describes how important it is to take responsibility for the one you love, whether it's a man or maybe a dog.

The most difficult experiences of my work as an animal communicator and rescue worker with animals is when owners bring their animals to me and says, "If you do not get him to change his behavior, I must kill him!"
I receive letters from other people, which also work with animals, and the question is the same, "What can I do, it hurts so much inside me that if I fail then they will kill the dog?"
I wish there were words of advice but it's all about fear and anger in the person you meet. Every week I get emails from owners who must leave the country and do not want to bring their dog with them. With resignation, they answer back; "oh well then we dump him somewhere.”
They want to put the blame on someone else that will relive them from guilt. The owner believes that their dog will do fine in the street. There are thousands of dogs living on the streets, they justify themselves with before letting their partner out. That is not true quiet the opposite. Animal instinct and intuition have been forgotten inside their mind, just as our intuition and instinct does during our years in a life with other people. The same is true for a dogs.
We think for the dog, and arrange food for it. They do not need to hunt for food anymore and the skills how to do it in the free is forgotten. We think for the dog what is going to happen, and we decide when the time comes for his life to end. We decide when it is time to abandon it.
I met a woman who had not come over the fact that her boyfriend had left her for another woman. They had planned to get married. We talked and I explained that no new partner could come into her life, her heart and soul was still with the former man. She was still there in the past with all the promises he had made. In the next moment she told me that he had married the other woman and also divorced her within four months. For me thinking only with my brain no emotional felling’s, it was obvious that she instead would celebrate his disappearance. The woman's heart was left in the past and could not reason to let go. The man had had a large beautiful Rottweiler that he loved more than anything else on earth. But he gave away the Rottweiler when her daughter was scared. I looked at the woman and said: "Already there should an alarm bells have rung! If he could get rid of something he loved dearly, he would be able to do the same with you, and that was what he actually did. "
It was as if she understood what a waste of time and emotion it had been and how suddenly "stupid" she felt. She had never thought of the dog abandon in that way in the emotions.
Long time ago a friend gave me some advice: "Look at how your boyfriend treats a dog, because that is how he will beat you in the future."

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