Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Animal Rescue Friends,
At long last, we are in the final preparations to move the van we acquired for AWL from Germany down to Italy (thanks largely to the Kleber family and other generous donors). 

There, it will be used for rescue missions and to transport our hospice clients to medical appointments, etc.

We want and need this van to be able to help many wounded and sick animals since most of our volunteers cannot or do not want to drive dogs in their own private cars.  Several don't have a car of their own.

We have had a difficult time with the search for economical insurance and where best to register the vehicle, given where it will be and who will operate it.  It is very expensive to register any vehicle in Italy, and our RESCUE VAN is no different.

Our RESCUE VAN needs to be registered and of course have insurance. We have finally made an agreement with a person that will help us register the RESCUE VAN in the north of Italy, to avoid the ultra-expensive Napoli area insurance rates.  To get the Italian plates there is a one registration fee and that is between 1000 -1200 euro, and for insurance is approximately 1200 euro/year.  It seems purchasing an economical vehicle for our mission was just the first, and relatively cheapest, piece of the van puzzle.

Please ear mark on your donation slip for our RESCUE VAN expenses. We hope you can help us. It means a lot to the volunteers and street dogs & cats to be able to drive them to the veterinarians. And even to their new homes. 
Now that's driving Amore.
Thank you from Animals Without Limits!

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