Saturday, June 9, 2012


 The volunteers woke up by a scream outside their window. They ran out and saw their neighbor running with a bat in her hand and her dog was let out.  First they thought the lady was chasing a burglar and ran to help her. The lady was not chasing a person, she was trying to harm four kittens and their mother!
 Martina and Chiara were horrified how this big lady with a bat and a big dog was afraid of these sweethearts. They were able to catch two kittens, and later the following evening they got a hold of mother cat.
Whole family were going to Dr Damiani's clinic were veterinarian Fransesca and Veterinarian  Roberta could examine and de-worm them. Mother cat had so many ticks that she will be treated with antibiotic and after that she will be sterilized.
The four boys are four-five weeks old and are now de-wormed. They have the "herpes virus", It's a common cold that affects the respiratory tract and eyes but is easy to cure if caught early. The mother infected the kittens when they were born, it's treatable and they are all now on the required medication.

They are all up for adoption were they can feel secure and loved. That's Amore!

Please, we ask for help with donations to help make these kinds of rescues possible.  When they happen, they are urgent. We don't have any resources to draw from and our  wonderful veterinarians are trying to hold the costs down. Please help us to help this family to treat the cats back to health and find loving families for them.  You can use Paypal or our Italian account (donations)

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