Thursday, June 14, 2012


 Some time ago we wrote about a fantastic project that was put together with different volunteers. Each one wrote a story and it became a book Tra testa e Cuore..scelgo il Cuore. 

Chiara Ricci wrote about our Zamira, and it was a lovely touching story.

The project holders promised each writer that they would share the money to the organizations that they help in Italy. The volunteers that struggle every day to make a difference. That's Amore.
This is Chiara holding one of her rescue dogs.

AWL want to thank Pamela Mazza together with all'associazione X 4 zampe for the donation from the book. You are amazing.  Thank you!

The Book is dedicated in memory of a great volunteer who lost her life way to early, Stefania Ballista. You will always be remembered. That's Amore

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