Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I went and picked up Lucy from LPA where she had been sterilized after we had found the "owner" through her microchip. The "owner" said she had given her to a person in Frignano but if we wanted Lili (owner's given name for the dog) "we could keep her". Incredible! Lilli is 11 months old, and was transported to a foster family. The magic is AWL Eric found her a home, a warm family that loves her and thinks she is a wonderful lapdog.

Penny was found by AWL Eric with a big heavy chain around her neck. He drove her to LPA were she got sterilized, de wormed and frontlined. I picked her up the same day I picked Lucy up and transferred her to Eric were he transferred her to her new owner.

The new owner is madly in love with sweet Penny.

AWL thanks Eric for working hard finding good homes for those who got kicked out in the cold. We also want to thank YOU for your donations, thanks to you we can have them sterilized and health checked. This is Amore working together.

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