Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heading down to Napels Italy Shelter Mission

With my best volunteer we drove down to Napoli, Italy again. We were so exited and with the SUV full of dog food that we bought in Germany, we were even more exited. --Thank you for your donations, we cannot do this without your help.
We picked up beautiful Nicky and brought her with us to Rossella Shelter. A shelter AWL helped during 2009-2010 and now we are back. Rossella had moved and her shelter was top. Nice and clean.
Its a tough job carrying all these heavy bags...but who said we couldn't. Getting nice summer arms.
As always so many beautiful souls. This guy was so happy to get love and company. He is waiting for his home.
Another little cutie.
Two cuties having a conversation.
Rossella has worked with rescuing dogs for over 30 years. Amazing since it is a very tough work with no salary.

Love and hugs when we got to see each other again.

That's Amore!

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