Saturday, September 1, 2012

UPDATE Mr Edgar Poe's Heart

Thank you Angelina for being Mr Poes private VIP driver to see his heart specialist.

Dr Damiani wrote last night; "Today, we had the cardiologist at the clinic . She performed the heart ultrasound on POE. Very good news, because she said that POE' s heart does not lo

ok that bad . As a matter of fact, we decided to discontinue all the drugs for the heart. Unfortunately, we do not know why POE had those symptoms like fainting. The cardiologist would like to perform a couple of x-ray and , more importantly, she wants to put an Holter device on POE in order to monitor the heart rhythm in a 24 hours period."
So we are back on square one. But we wont give up, we will find it as long as Mr Poe allows us and most important, want to.
We have wonderful news too. Mr Poe has a fan in Los Angels that sent him and his Hospice friends a check of 2000 dollar

A Big Bark Thank you Mr Craig Kleber. That's Big Amore

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