Monday, September 3, 2012


 You can read about our Funny that we adopted from the shelter Caserta (in Caserta) that had a lot of money problems and an Italian organization was working day and night to rescue the dogs there. That evening, we picked Vasili and Funny to come to our hospice (and have a chance).

She (Funny) had severe skin problems but she was looked after and medicated. We washed her every week in a special shampoo, too.
When our clients are healthy, we start to search for a home for them. And for Fanny, a home was found. We thank Silvia Domenighini for opening her home for Funny, to give her a forever home of her own.
 Silvia's dog Nemo gives his greetings to Funny.

 Silvia's cat Tea greets Funny, too.

No adoption is a singular effort, and Funny's was no different.  There were many hands and hearts involved with establishing Funny all the way up north in Italy. Pio Acampora escorted Funny up to Rome, and Funny could stay at Donatella Pizzuti's home (pictured kissing) over the night and then continue up to the Torino area.

I want to thank everyone in the AWL team for making sure that Funny was well taken care of at the hospice:  Martina Ricci, Angelina Ambignella, Sandra Jontz, Chiara Ricci, Ivan Polverino, Federica Morelli, Mia Mattsson-Mercer, Valerie Funk, Lori Alston Garcia, Abigail Long, Sharon Harney and many, many more.

Oh, and I can't forget one of Funny's biggest fan Agata Pallina.

Alessandra Prattico and Ileana Avella (Caserta Shelter's Guardian Angels), we thank you both for having trust in AWL's work.

To all you who donated money to our hospice and Funny, thank you. You are one of our important people that makes it happen.
That's Amore. 

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