Thursday, September 20, 2012


Our sweet wonderful Princess GABY is adopted. She will move to a wonderful family in Germany that Mia know. We couldn't be more happy for her. In October when her passport is ready she will pack her little suitcase with pictures off Mr Ombra and her dog toys.

In April during Easter time was she spotted by Martina through her car window. A skinny, sick female was trying to search help via walking people in the town. When a man tried to hit her, Martina jumped out of her car and brought her with her to AWL's Hospice. Since then she has been love and pampered back to life now looking like a beautiful Princesses.

Thank you all volunteers, you did it again. And a big THANK YOU to all our sponsors. Without you we could never had rescued her. That's Amore.

Dr Damiani clinic for all help and advices. You are Team Italy!

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