Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Finalemente! Our sweet Sassi got her own family. After a long time were no one saw her, and after  heart broken past.
First abandon by her owner. Lost on the street. Taken in by a family that didn't give her food. She was very ill that the veterinarian demanded that the dog had to go to our Hospice. At our Hospice she grew to a beautiful female dog, but still no one wanted to adopt her.
AWL want to thank Lynn Woodall "the animal free lancer rescue lady" for bringing a lovely family to Sassi. They wanted their Husky to have a sister. We volunteers were nervous (as always) that the family would come back with Sassi after their "try week" Sassi is a big garden digger and eat cords and (everything else) at the hospice. Lynn was confident that this was "the" family.
 Martina and Pio drove over to the family after their "try one week" was over. And this was their update:
"Sassi looks so happy and she's lovely with her new husky friend They are wonderful togheter.
Nika and her husband are very happy about her. They said Sassi is lovely, she never chewed or destroy anything! Just dug a lot.  She dug the size of a swimming. Nika said in the next house they will have a big place where they can dig, since also their husky is a great digger.
Some days ago they went to meet a family with other dogs and Sassi was the best dog.

Her husband told me that after the second day they could never give Sassi back"
Now, That's Amore.

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