Monday, August 6, 2012


This is what AWL do the best. Rescuing sick animals from the streets or shelters. We then have our favorite Dr Damiani, Dr Fransesco and Dr Fransesca examine, do surgery, prescribe the correct medicine. AWL volunteers takes the dog(s) to our Hospice Casa dell Amore for healing, treatment with healthy food, and a big amount of love.

But without your help we cannot do all this. You are a very important link in our team. Thank YOU for support, love, donations and sharing our stories to friends and families. Please know how grateful we are.

Elisabeth Kruse (Germany)
Ulla Linders (Sweden)
Raffaella Cremonini (Italy)
Sandra Jontz (USA/Italy)
Stefania Romano (Italy)
Isabella Fuligni (Italy)
Silvia Battilocchio (Italy)
Mercer Family (USA/Sweden)
Alessandra Rochas (Italy)
Mitra Talarman (Sweden/Italy)
Malin & Juan Wahlin (Sweden)

AWL Sweden
Rose Marie Holm
Charlotta Frederiksson donation to GUS
And as always from
Per Nordgren
Susanne Pettersson
Anders Berg
Elena Adonis
Anna Buhre
Ritva Bokemark
Helena Wahlstrom
Elisabeth Oldgren
Mariette Akerlind
Wivi Karlsson
Jane Lundberg
Susanne Frej
Barbro Wennerholm
Katarina Segerhjelm
Ulf Salomonsson

That's Amore, thank you.

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