Monday, August 27, 2012


Friday; Our little Edgar Poe is not feeling well and is at the (Dr Damiani) since last night. As many of you know he has a heart"problem" and been on medication since Martina found him on the streets(very sick).Poe is also coughing, and have diarrheaea/vomit. He is getting IV and blood tests are being sent to the lab.
After some hours he was already doing much better. Growling at the nurses, just like "old" Poe. But, he is scheduled to see a heart-specalist on Tuesday.
 Saturday; As soon as Ass. Roberta gave the antibiotic and IV he collapsed in Martina's arms.. But luckily they were at the clinic and Roberta could put oxigen on his face.After some minutes he was better, low but better, and the good news...he was hungry and ate.Ass.Roberta gave Martina/Poe a can of the special food ID for his stomach. Martina bought other two cans.
Tomorrow morning they will go again with Poe for another IV and antibiotic shot. We will also have the blood test results for tomorrow morning since Dr Damiani said to the laboratory that it is urgent. So we will know more tomorrow.
Now he's at our hospice.
Poe has to be in a quiet atmosphere and luckly now that the young ones are downstairs (Ombra, Gaby, Sassi), he has a really quiet living with the oldies. That's what our Hospice is about. Please keep sending healing and love and prayers ♥ He is not suffering, constantly under control with AWL's veterinarian team and Tuesday we will hear what the specialist will tell us.

Poe Hannibal Lector. 
This morning Pio and Martina went with Poe to the Dr Damiani clinic for IV and antibiotic shot.
He looked better today. He was happy when he saw Martina at hospice and was running and wagging his tail.
He ate well.

Poe was  super crazy again at the vet, they had to "fight" to put on the muzzle! Bad boy!
We got the blood test result and it was good...nothing bad in his body! Next will be the visit with the heart specialist on tuesday morning. One step at the time. 

Thank you all Poe Fans. We love you!

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