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A couple of months ago did we read with horror about a Governmental shelter in Caserta region that suddenly didn't get any money for food, medicine to their 300 dogs by the Government. Nothing!

Roundly 300 dogs suffered (25 cats), many died and they didn't have any money to get the dead bodies away. 

One Italian private organization with two strong ladies (Ilena and Alessandra) in the front were desperate after help and worked non stop. AWL was one who answered and made a food collection and other donations. 

We a group of six volunteers, drove out and were greeted by passionate ladies that worked day and night to get help. 

AWL could choose three clients to bring to our Hospice. 
We walked around and how do you pick 3 out of 300 hundred?

Mia Mattsson bended down and looked into one cage and saw the saddest eyes and the felt the pain in from his body and soul. Vasili a nine year old German Shepard male, had been tied up outside the shelter and left by its owner. He had been a long time in this cage and was very sick, inflammation in his body, skin problem and leichaminiosis. He was in a lot of pain.  Martina Ricci agreed right away, he had to come with us.

Long story short. Vasili came to our hospice and got the whole first floor for himself. Despite his pain he wagged his tail, thump thump. Pio and Martina drove him several times to Dr Damiani clinic for  health tests, blood tests and description to all his medicines. He was an expensive boy, but thanks to wonderful supporters we pulled it through (we would do it again and again). Also Dr Damiani support as always by keeping a lot of costs down and gave some medicine for free.
Sometimes didn't Vasili want to eat, Martina had to hand-feed him. He wanted company.

 Some volunteers were afraid/insecure of him since he could bark when they came down, most to them with a dark voice. But he never did anything bad. 
We didn't know if he was good with children, Mia brought her two children down (they are highly trained children how to act with strays and dogs. Always supervised by their mother) Olivia 6 years and Max 4, Vasili looked at them curiously and accepted them. 

We all loved Vasili, the most wonderful charming goofy guy. 

After a couple of months, we did this picture before and after. And we had him castrated and a new blood test was made. We were all amazed, the leichaminiosis number was so low. 
When our AWL clients get healthier we start searching after a home for them. We tell them the whole story and his health before and present.
Martina started her adoption skills and AWL do not adopt a dog to anybody. Martina's questions are many, and if she doesn't think its a match she said no. But one family sounded very good and volunteer controls up North in Italy was sent for inspections and even more questions. 

The thumb was up and many phone conversations made. The family wanted Vasili right away they couldn't wait, they were so in love with him. The new family sent pictures of the family members.

"Welcome to us dear Vasili we are a happy loving group of animals and you will have a blast."

We wanted Vasili to feel safe and secure (big change from a shelter to a hospice and then new people/family) so Pio Acampora and Marina la Porta offered to drive him up North.
His new family was so exited to see Vasili, kisses and treats were passed out.
Inspections and greetings from his new friends.

"I am happy, thank you all for believing in me and giving me a second chance in life. Thank you all for not closing your eyes when you passed my cages. Not being afraid of my breed and size or my sickness. Thank you all for being there from the beginning till now, and not saying "We cannot afford, sorry!"

"I believed in you humans the whole time and you were so many that believed in me back. That's Amore. Love from Vasili."

Thank you for trusting us and our work; Alessandra Prattico, Ilena Avella together with your Italian volunteers.

Animals Without Limits Supporters without you we could never have done this. You are a big part in his survival. Anna Persson, Lotta Fredriksson,  Henrik Ahlberg, Liz Kruse, Craig & Tracey Kleber, Silvia Battilocchio and many more.

AWL TEAM, Martina, Mia, Pio, Chiara, Angy, Valerie, Sandra, Ivan, Federica.

And the limo driving, you gave a whole Sunday to transport him up North like a Prince should arrive grande VIP. Pio and Marina <3 p="p">
You who made sure that the car could travel with gas, Mitra Talarman, Maria Svegare, Valerie Funk, Jolene Callhan, Sandra Jontz, Mia Mattsson.

We did it again....and together. That's Amore.

(more to come)

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