Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We received an e mail from a woman that were dog/house sitting for a friend and she was told that old owners of their house were Americans that abandoned a dog..."she is a sweet pitbull mix maybe 40-50lbs." I don't think she is able to fend for herself as a stray so I am worried worried about her. She sits outside the house day and night just wanting her house and family back. I'm not sure what to do and it breaks my heart that I can't take her in so I was just wondering if you had any suggestions...she is so friendly and sweet, even to other dogs, you can tell she just wants a home. I do not think she is spayed either but looks pretty healthy, was a little on the skinny side before I got here though...I've been fattening her up though:) 

(AWL note were just to start helping and asked her for photos quick)

I just went after work to take pics of the sweet dog that stands outside her old home and she was dead! 

Right as we pulled up I thought she was sleeping and some Italians were walking up to us telling us not to get out and they had face masks on and gloves and a garbage bag. I couldnt really understand what they were saying but I think they poisoned her...she was for sure poisoned and we think they did it and were lying about it because they could see how visably upset we were. I can't understand how anyone with a soul could do that, she was the sweetest dog and wanted nothing but her family and home back... RIP my dear Lady, she will now have a home over her "

AWL urge everyone who knows anything about this, please contact us. This is not the first time it happens, let us end this now. We will keep you anonymous if that is your desire. Please send me an e mail

Your mom will be so proud over you!

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