Thursday, May 24, 2012



Gus was born in November of 2000. He came to his family 13 months after that when we adopted him from a shelter in Rhode Island. While living in Rhode Island, Gus was shot by a neighbor and had to have major surgery removing a portion of his intestine. He stayed in the hospital for almost a week! After Rhode Island, we have moved to New Orleans, LA; Kings Bay, GA; and now Napoli. Gus has moved everywhere with us and has been a fabulous family dog.

On January 10, he was in a major house fire in Monterusciello, Naples, Italy. Gus stays in his kennel when family was away because he sometimes scratches at doors when they were gone and they did not want him to ruin someone else's home. He had major smoke inhalation and was in a dog hospital here for many days. After returning home from the fire, his mental state had changed. He snapped at both the father and and their one-year-old son. (AWL comment; stress from traumatic happening fire hospital shock. He is doing much better now haven't snapped at anyone)

He is completely up-to-date on his vaccinations . He has his medical records and he has the most recent version of microchip and rabies vaccination.

He is great with other dogs not cats
I will transfer him from Italy up her for free if you can give him his last years full with love. He has recovered but are getting depressed now in a kennel 

For 13 years he had his bed, next week is his family leaving the country. I beg your heart to open up to Gus. He was born abandoned don't let him die abandon.

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