Thursday, May 3, 2012


 He is a caracter, a wonderful grumpy loving older male. He was found very sick in a dark area, cold and with fever. He was seen by Dr Damiani clinic, medicated and taken good care at the hospice. Our little Edgar Poe now got a ulcer. He had to go back to Dr Damiani clinic, and volunteer Angy drove.
 He spent a whole day at Dr Damiani's clinic Poe has been anesthetized and a very thorough cleaning of the cornea was performed. Additionally, pulled some blood in order to produced serum ( very rich in proteins ) to be applied in the eye. We probably need to remove his one eye and that will cost a lot of money. We would appreciate if you would and could help Poe with donations, since AWL doesn't have those money. We have helped so many sick animals, and prevention to puppies that our veterinarian bill is sky high. His need would be around 400 euro.

Think how this little guy would suffer on the streets!

Please if you want to help Mr Poe, earmark it with his name. He is a great old grump!

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