Friday, May 18, 2012


 Our lovely Dr Damiani donated to our hospice. THANK YOU!

Dr Damiani is always a pleasure to bring new as old clients too. His passion glows and never ever you hear him say anything negative (about anything). He encourage you to be a better owner.

Thank you so much Carlos, we all love you--two legged and four legged!
 Even Edgar Poe agrees. Angelina escorted him to Dr Damiani's clinic, and as you can see he enjoyed sitting in beautiful Angy's lap.
To our surprise Poe fooled us again! His eye had become a little better, and we can wait some days with the surgery. His donation money are "frozen" until that day comes.
 Our sweet Funny is practicing for the Rain Deer Christmas Show. Angelina got this great picture.
 Vasili is becoming so much better, but still he needs to have his medicine. Pio and Martina brought him there and he was thrilled to be escorted via their car.
This is so much joy to work with people that has the passion and want to teach you to become a better owner. Who inspires you and helps out with the four legged ones, to help those who can be helped and to help end those who suffers to much. That's Amore

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