Wednesday, April 11, 2012


She is very young, less than one year old, but so sweet and loving. Dr Fransesco knows she will be a very beautiful dog when treated.
She's positive to demodex mange.
Bad otitis and big infected paws.
Her weight is 18 kg.
Blood test is done together with Leichaminiosis we will update you again as soon as the results comes back.

At the moment she has to take antibiotic Keforal, and the medicine for the mange that also Vasili and Funny are eating. The name is Tolomec and one little bottle is about 40 euro. It it will be a very long therapy so we will need more bottle for all them.
Dr Fransesco Loungo also cut her long nails and even if it was painful for her, she didn't do anything to harm the humans.

PLEASE HELP! With donations for this little girls life (and Vasilis and Funny). We volunteers donate time and gas money but we cannot do this without your help too. Euro or dollars or Swedish, we are in big need to help Gabriela. 

You will fell so wonderful when you can see her picture in a couple of months and say..."I helped that girl!" That's Amore ♥

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