Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today in the afternoon Martina and Pio were out driving,  passing through Villa Literno when suddenly Martina saw this little soul from her car window --- a 15 kg starving hunting dog. The skeleton dog was trying to get anyone's attention; a man kept hitting her to stay away from him.

Martina and Pio stopped and went up to her. It was the saddest thing they had ever seen. Her head and parts on her body were hairless due to diseases, she also had the deadly disease -- if not caught in time with treatment-- leishmaniasis.  Her paws were bleeding but still... her tail wagged.

They brought her to our AWL hospice and called the veterinarian Dr. Damiani for consultation. Now she is resting, safe in one of the hospice rooms on a warm bed. Since she is a skeleton she needs special nutrition food that is very expensive.

Her vet clinic bill, and all her treatments will become expensive for us, (estimate: 400 euro) so we ask kindly for your donations to help this soul that is so strongly wanting to survive and still, not giving up on humans --- even if only for a couple of minutes ago she was beaten by a human.

We can keep her safe now, loved and also we want that she can heal in the tempo her body wants to.

Please help us by donating: or (donations) or PAYPAL. Please earmark with Gabriela, that's her name.

She is sweet as honey and in the video you can see the sweetness in her eyes, you can see how her tail is going despite her condition. She is such a fighter --- we have much to learn from her. That's Amore.

Thank you Martina and Pio, my super volunteers.

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