Sunday, April 15, 2012


 This is Penny Lane's wonderful family were she is really getting loved and spoiled. They adore her.
 Penny Lane whom we wrote about earlier, nearly one year ago. She was found on the highway in Napoli nearly getting run over by all the traffic. Martina and Pio caught her and drove her to a safe place. My home. She always sleeps in my bed, and when I am in the office she lays under my desk. She is a lovely shadow. It was painful to adopt her away but with all our 15 other dogs, how wonderful for her to have 4 people that focus on her the whole time. But the great thing is, we only live 30 minutes away from each other.
SO when her family goes on vacation, we are the Penny-sitter. We love it. Here, she went with us to look at my daughter when she was riding.

Thank you to Penny's family for being such a wonderful Penny-family and Penny-lover, and for still letting us be a part of her life. That's Amore.

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