Tuesday, April 10, 2012


To our wonderful delight we got an e-mail from a Swedish woman asking if Dusty from the hospice was still available for adoption? She had seen Dusty's picture here on our blog and liked her very much. We saw the pictures above from her little farm where she has 4 other dogs and horses and sheep "free range". She also works with acupuncture on animals. Well, this sounded like a dream for Dusty. (and we volunters)

Sara flew down to Naples and we picked her up. She met Dusty and the other clients at the hospice and she loved Dusty. Sara had to go with us on different missions. We visited Gordana with help packages and Sara had to see a small private shelter, too.

We drove several dogs up to Germany and then Sweden: Dusty, Athena, Shaggy Raggy, two puppies, and Leah. The SUV was loaded, but Sara worked very well helping out running with Athena and Shaggy. We couldn't have done it without her help. We dropped one puppy and Leah off in Germany, then continued north.
Her husband came down and linked up with us in Southern Sweden.  Together with Dusty, they took Athena and Puppy Dream with them to middle Sweden to their new homes.

AWL is forever thankful for Sara Levin's help and most of all, for giving Dusty a forever beautiful home out on a fantastic atmosphere. We are told that Dusty just walked into the group of dogs like she had lived there her whole life.

Think, only one year ago people wanted to put her to sleep after being severely hit by a car, left in scorching heat for over one hour. She was paralyzed but we volunteers at the hospice took her to the ER for X-rays. They told us nothing was broken, that probably she was in shock, and that was why she didn't walk. Now, she runs and plays.

If this is not Amore, then there is no such thing. This is what miracles are made of.

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