Friday, September 24, 2010


Having puppies is not easy but kind of fun. AWL got a phone call about 6 puppies 4 weeks old pushed down into a bucket and pushed into an American Park. 2 got adopted by the Italian guards, one by an American girl, and me, I am "fostering" 3 of them at the hospice.

I am more of an "oldy lover," puppies are not really my thing. But my opinion doesn't help them, and they needed help. They are now 7-8 weeks old and sweeter than sweet roaming around peeing and pooping everywhere, and then they slide in it. Eating like small little pigs, but gosh it is so sweet to see them sleep so safe together, on top of each other.

The hospice is a place they can be safe, and grow up until someone adopts them.

It was time for their vaccinations and off to Dr. Damiani we went. They really were good, taking their shots like little troopers. They are 2 girls and 1 boy.

But little Gracie had to stay for a biopsy. She has some skin defects that we don't know what it is. On her back paw was a huge blister that hurt her, and still no fur on her back tail. It looks like a rat tail. I went out in the car and got a stuffed animal for her so she has a roommate at the clinic.

I hope Gracie you will soon be back at the hospice, sleeping in your dog bed that Aunt Tracey sent to you all the way from America.

That's Amore!

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