Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Monday, two Italian animal rescuers, Martina and Guilia and I were at the AWL Hospice, when an English speaking woman came by. She was very upset, visibly shaking, and shouting at us through the gate.

She had a puppy in the car that she had just found on the beach trying to suck milk from her dead mother. Many of the beach-front businesses will put poison-laced dog food out on the beach to "control" the stray population. We can only assume that is what happened here, because the lady said the mother had clearly been poisoned, due to the way she looked when found. It was a slow, painful death.

Can you imagine the little one, his tiny stomach knotting from hunger, desperately trying to get the nurishment his instinct tells him should be gotten from his mother? And there she is, her dead teet providing nothing. Simply heartbreaking!

We decided on the spot that AWL could de-worm and put frontline on him, and wonderful Guilia took him to her little shelter. He is up for adoption. Please, can you give him hope?

This is Achilles. People threw acid on him--he is the fifth dog that we've encountered oursleves here in Campania who had been cruely injured this way. In some cases, after sterilization, the stray dogs are released back onto the street and in some ways this can be positive as long as the dog does not approach the people. Normally, the dogs are released in the outskirts, in areas of Camorra territory where people are killing each other. Where people are killing people, the life of a dog is worth less than a cigarette. Achilles, didn't have a home and apparently some people who could not "read" an animal got scared and wanted him out of the area. With acid they harm the animal, drive him off and hope for it to be a slow painful death.

We need help with putting him in a safe place were he can heal and get his wounds looked after. Acid burns are particularly difficult, and can lead to infections if not properly kept clean. Please help us with donations, so Achilles can feel there is hope. Saddly, AWL's Hospice can not take him in because we already have plenty of males, and no room. It's hurting us that already we have to turn down someone that needs us so badly. But with your help, we can still help Achilles. Please help us help Achilles!

Either through PayPal or our Italian account, any donation is very much appreciated.

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IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

Your kind donation would be so much Amore!

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