Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sponsored AWL with 60 fantastic t-shirts (pictures will come) thank you so much to the Family Seibert in PA-USA your gift was (IS) HEART-WARMING

Giles Evans, Ed Roberts and Chip via Trine --- AWL recieved the donations, thank you so much!

Charles Beard, Tracey L. Nettles, Traci Van Field (USA) thank you for your generosity.

In the waitingroom today at Dr Damiani's clinic, I started to talk to a woman who was there with her cat. We talked about how she has PCSed (moved) with her 12 year old cat from the States to Japan, and now she is in Italy. What a great lady. Before leaving she giva a generous donation. Thank you Miss Hall.

Craig Kleber you are a wonderful animal-caring person. Thank you so much for every month's generous donation. You are our big hero!

Same goes to Giove's family Erika and Bobby Andersson in Sweden, also every month you make sure we are not forgotten, and continue to help the other Gioves out there.

Sara Levin, I recognized your e mail address :-) Thank you for remembering us!

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